Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Between playing Original and Backup

For our struggling gamers in Malaysia (if you're rich then stay out of this topic), we'd been flooded by the variety of gaming option in this wonderful country. Night market, shopping complex, mamak stall, megamall, almost everywhere im sure there are people selling not only music and DVD pirated, even games too.

Well if you ask me would i buy copied games to play, i'll frankly speak to you... YES! But if i have the option, i'll not too. Not I'm supporting pirated and giving a boo to original, is because of our country's standard living.

Imagine you're going to buy a new software for your consoles, compare the Original which cost almost RM200 (~USD55.5) and the Backup RM20 ~(USD5.55). The different is too huge! Of course getting Original for gamers like us is indeed a more appreciated item, where Backup once you're done with the game, you can play with the disc...

In our country, poverty is still on the rise, RM200 can really do many stuff instead of getting ONLY a software for your consoles. Wage earner like me can pay off a montly installment of my gym membership, insurance, cellphone bill, medicine. What about my food? RM30 for a day meal can supply almost a week for my stomach, public transpot fees too. Is not we don't have the choice, is WE'D BEEN LIMIT to one choice.

In the meantime im not into consoles more often, not like back in few years time where I can sit on the couch non-stop for 6-7 hours. Every person has their commitment, so do I. If I want to play the game THEN only I'll grab it, be it in Original or Backup.

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