Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Next-Gen Consoles

Its been awhile since Big N, Sony and Xbox fighting with each other and we already know who's the real winner. But for this topic is not bout Big N, is about Sony and Xbox.

With the recent new release of PS3 Slim and the price cut of Xbox360, both with same Hdd, many gamers like me (casual gamer ok?) are kinda headache which one to choose. Lets do some comparison (only apply in Malaysia)

PS3 Slim is costing bout RM1250 (~USD348) and Xbox360 is costing bout RM1350 (~USD375). Both of the price is what I'd survey for the cheapest. New set with standard accessories. But the different for both consoles selling here in Malaysia is the modded console (Xbox360) and cannot be modded console (Sony PS3).

Both have their own exclusive, both even share some great game that im looking forward to play. We know that PS3 security is tighten up even now been few years and no hacker can bump into their MOBO and hack it. This coming security is going to fall into PSP scene as well for their upcoming PSP Go and future software update since the absents of M33 team. On the other hand Xbox 360 has their hardware failure since few years back until recently with their new set of MOBO and chipset which claims to reduce the hardware failure and the infamous "Red Ring of Death".

Now for our case in Malaysia, which console should you choose? I know in Malaysia (some of my friend) are pro-Sony so no doubt they'll go for PS3. IMO, if i have the choice, for now i'll go for Xbox360. Simple reason, I'd not much cash to buy a HD LCD for pure entertainment yet. Xbox360 has some title/release that PS3 ported out. The convenient of getting software is much more cheap than the PS3 (if you know what i mean). DO THE MATH...

For me if you want to play the title that you're interested, just go for the console (if you can afford it). Xbox360 has their shooting title, Sony has their RPG/Action title, Big N has their famliy/fun title, even applied to PSP and NDS.

What do you say guys? Do drop some opinion and discussion....

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