Monday, October 5, 2009

Project Natal

Well what we have here? A new side-project from Xbox 360, Project Natal. Its not yet confirmed the release date and actual name for it, but as you can see is much more cool than Wii. Haha, talking about innovative! Engineered and directed by a Japanese for this project, I wonder how this little tool can do more stuff than the current Wii. Not only for Xbox 360, it has been told that i will cater for Window as well.

Controller-less? Means you do not need to buy extra controller? Accessories? Just one webcam-like camera for the game? Haha as i can see is more for Xbox Live games or DLC content. I wonder how Sony will tackle with this coming project from the rival.

My question will be the same, will there be another console release from Microsoft after this project? Can it bring forward for future release just like EyeToy from Sony? Check the video.

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