Saturday, February 27, 2010

This Special Video

Im not sure why this video hasn't been watched by anyone since I'd posted it quite long time ago. According to my Youtube account, this particular video has been banned by some country. Not sure why. This video has caught my attention since I watched it the first time. Going to anticipate the release of the game later this year.

Thats right. The Kojima Production of the very first Castlevania. It haven't been launch or any other news on it, I can already guess it has a sequel on it. In the meantime, enjoy it here.

Update : There are some video too that's been labelled 'Video has been block by some country', which includes this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Game Rental in Malaysia

Yesterday when I walked around town, I found a game shop which offers Game Rental service. Well basically game rental service is as similar as we going to rent a DVD in video shop. So today I would like to share with you my opinion, is it possible for Game Rental service take off in Malaysia?

Well if you are familiar with Malaysia where piracy is still a big problem to combat (such as Playstation 2. Wii, Xbox 360, etc), game rental has been running quite some time in U.S. and some developed country. The services that they provide is much like renting a movie, where you pay for an affordable monthly fees and you can rent whatever game you may like. From the newest title to the available stock they have for you in store.

For this case in Malaysia, I found out that is quite dearly they'd implemented the system.

1) You need to apply for a membership of the particular shop (Acceptable)

2) You need to pay for a deposit for the game that you rent (Acceptable)

3) One game per rental at a time (Still acceptable)

4) First week rental fee is RMxx, then consequence week is RMxx, a maximum of 10 week (Not acceptable)

5) The fees that you rent for the game will be deducted on the deposit that you'd paid (Not acceptable)

Case scenario : Let say you rent a game for 10 week.

Deposit will be RM200.

Membership Fees : RM30

First week : RM30

Second week and above : RM12

SO THAT WILL BE = RM30 + RM108 = RM138 for the game rental for 10 week.

Exclude the membership fees, I think that this case is spells F.A.I.L. Seriously if you do the math, this formula/system really cant work. Unless it is revise, I don' think this can lead to somewhere.

With the PS3 system that still can't be hacked, new Wave 4 games from Xbox 360 that required bootdisc, frequent system update from Wii, the retirement of Team M33, IMO piracy is going to die soon without any new flaw/bug/exploits. Game rental is the new way that's coming to Malaysia provided that our economic growth and currency (cross finger) will grow. It can be a new business, provided it is affordable and more systematic to customer. Do share your comments though. Thanks.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Wishing everyone out there a Happy Tiger Year. May the year of Tiger Roaring good enough to those bad luck and unhappy things away. As usual might not post some game stuff as in holiday mood. Anyway is kinda hard to upload my video on Youtube. Might be the file is too big and my stupid connection.

Will try to get more video and share to everyone out there. Will update more about my blog as soon as possible. Anyway just wondering what's the difference between PS3 RE5 : Alternative Edition and XB360 : Gold Edition? Can some one fill me in? Thanks.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where do I shop for my consoles need?

Well seriously I never think of going anywhere but near my neighbourhood to shop for my games and stuff. I do eventually look around the shopping mall and shops to ask for the price and observe the accessories. Anyway my reason to choose a nearby my living place is simple :

1) The shop owner is an honest guy.
2) I can book my stuff and pay later.
3) I don't need to drive all the way to town and waste my petrol and time.
4) Sometime I help him with the minor stuff.
5) I can update myself with the console pricing and market news.

Just a few point out there, in fact if your living near Ampang do check out his store.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Newest spam that appears in my mailbox.

This is the newest spam i received. Just looking at the date already show the true intention of the mail.

Help-Line Center Service Representative

Job Title: Payment Representative

Status: Available from 02/08/2010 – 01/03/2010


Reports to: Human Resources Manager

Salary Grade/Band: starts from 55 USD per day up to 2500USD(a month) Part – timer

Last Revision Date: 02/08/2010


Responsible for all activities in assigned duties. Manage quality and consistency of service provided by you. Project a professional image of yourself by building a longterm trustworthy relationship with your superior.

Answer phone and respond to supervisor requests.
Follow up on new leads and referrals resulting from field activity.
Availability 2 hours a day.
Internet and email communication skills
Develop and maintain current relationship with the supervisor.
Follow-up on supervisor inquires not immediately resolved.
Complete reports.
Prepare paperwork to activate and maintain the contract service.
Recognize,speak and write English language.
Recommend process improvements(if there are any).
Need the age : 18 years old at least
Flexibility and adaptability (ability to work in a team environment)


Listen carrefully on-the-job training from the supervisor for new employees.

Work requires MayBank account. This requires the possession of a valid account at the Maybank bank.
Duties require English medium verbal and written communication.


Working conditions are normal for an part-time offer.

If this sound good to you,please contact me further at the email address you will find within this add,so we can establish the rest of the details for you to become a employee at our company

Kind regards,

HR Manager : Alice Augustine,

Address: Victor Andres Belaunde 22, Madrid. Country, Spain. Postal/Zip Code, ES-28016


Oh common, Digi has expanded to Spain? To tell the truth, I'd fall for the Nigerian scam before (because of greedy). Now here i would like to share/inform people out there so nobody can be cheated as well.

Some of it that we received is almost 'true' where our 'local bank' send in an email stated that your bank account needs confirmation once again. Example :

Unblock Your Online Account !

For security reasons, your PBeBank account has been blocked
due to inactivity or because of too many failed login attempts.

Internet Banking : Login

The Public Bank Berhad.

Copyright © 2010 Public Bank Berhad (6463-H) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

To confirm that your account is still save, use Google, go to the main webpage and login from there. IF your account has no problem to log in, then nothing to worry about. IMO bank only ask us ONCE for confirmation before we activate our online account and NEVER ask twice. Be safe than sorry

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's been a long time...

It's been a long time for me to blog about my gaming experience. Well let me rant awhile can I?

When your luck is bad (I mean is REAL BAD), anything can happen in a moment before New Year arrived. Yea, the Year of Tiger is coming up, but the Year of Ox is not letting this 'mice' getting out easily. Accident, summons, salary, credit card and saving. Everything. Anyway cut the crap.

Anyway where would I start? Hmmm, i think should be this one. Recently I found myself get a good deal of 360. Yea, under RM1k for PRO. Well some may ask why you want to get a second hand stuff? FYI, even my PS2, DC and PS1 is second hand, and is working great.

The reason why im getting this one is because in my country's local store, Arcade was selling RM1.2k. No HDD, fully hacked, boot-disc to play new game. Well I consider myself lucky because :

1) My unit is still quite new and is not been used for w period of time, previous owner get it from early 2009, which is not even 1 year old.

2) I got myself all the stuff which include one rechargable battery, 2 original controller, headset, etc.

3) To my suprise, the unit I owned is the 'jasper' unit. Well lucky me.

4) My unit is still 'Xbox-Live' able (finger crossed). I think because my DVD-rom is not yet modified/flash to play newer game. Whenever i pop in new game, it cannot boot up.

Well kinda happy for the great deal I had. Just done with Resident Evil 5, Devil May Cry 4, Bayonetta. No time to play RPGs. I rather play action 'short' game. Thanks to some japanese game that's releasing for both platform (PS3 and 360), I still managed to update myself with the current game.

On the other side, my Wii is still in Critical Condition. Thanks to my stupidity and the New Super Mario Bros, I eventually inject the IOS myself without realise it will brick the console. Well im too rush to play that game, by that time my Internet connection is still not been established thanks to the government's service. No use to rant right now. What is done is done.

SO... The psp scene is up again with new hack/exploit found on 6.2 firmware here
Still no use. Nobody's going to leak out as Sony will patch it immediately. Which means we, the big fan of Kingdom Hearts is still waiting patiently. What i'd read from the article is, this particular game has a new security method, not sure how is it but it need UMD to run it. Even you'd rip the ISO but is still useless. How true was that im not sure. But one thing for sure is without Dark_Alex (the creator of M33), things would never be the same. So no luck for me too. But is ok cause no particular game interest me on PSP unless Kingdom Hearts coming out in US version and Metal Gear Solid : Peacewalker comes out. We'll hang on that.

No luck with my DS too. Unable to finish my Kingdom Hearts as well due to the flashcart problem, (dang shoudn't sell my old R4) and haven't played The Legend of Zelda : Spirits Track. Will hang on that as well.

So when am i going to get my PS3? Haha, well keep my finger cross by the end of this year as my birthday gift as well. We NEED TO hang on to this exploit as well here
Not sure is for FAT or SLIM version.

Well that's all for now. Finger crossed that my Wii will 'recover' soon without any major 'Overhaul'. By now i think i need to learn to sell my stuff via ebay. IM BROKE.

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