Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Game Rental in Malaysia

Yesterday when I walked around town, I found a game shop which offers Game Rental service. Well basically game rental service is as similar as we going to rent a DVD in video shop. So today I would like to share with you my opinion, is it possible for Game Rental service take off in Malaysia?

Well if you are familiar with Malaysia where piracy is still a big problem to combat (such as Playstation 2. Wii, Xbox 360, etc), game rental has been running quite some time in U.S. and some developed country. The services that they provide is much like renting a movie, where you pay for an affordable monthly fees and you can rent whatever game you may like. From the newest title to the available stock they have for you in store.

For this case in Malaysia, I found out that is quite dearly they'd implemented the system.

1) You need to apply for a membership of the particular shop (Acceptable)

2) You need to pay for a deposit for the game that you rent (Acceptable)

3) One game per rental at a time (Still acceptable)

4) First week rental fee is RMxx, then consequence week is RMxx, a maximum of 10 week (Not acceptable)

5) The fees that you rent for the game will be deducted on the deposit that you'd paid (Not acceptable)

Case scenario : Let say you rent a game for 10 week.

Deposit will be RM200.

Membership Fees : RM30

First week : RM30

Second week and above : RM12

SO THAT WILL BE = RM30 + RM108 = RM138 for the game rental for 10 week.

Exclude the membership fees, I think that this case is spells F.A.I.L. Seriously if you do the math, this formula/system really cant work. Unless it is revise, I don' think this can lead to somewhere.

With the PS3 system that still can't be hacked, new Wave 4 games from Xbox 360 that required bootdisc, frequent system update from Wii, the retirement of Team M33, IMO piracy is going to die soon without any new flaw/bug/exploits. Game rental is the new way that's coming to Malaysia provided that our economic growth and currency (cross finger) will grow. It can be a new business, provided it is affordable and more systematic to customer. Do share your comments though. Thanks.

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