Friday, March 12, 2010

Employment Spam

Another great story teller. While you can notice their flaws by reading at their description.

Head Office.
Friedrich-Ebert-Stra?e 160
D-34119 Kassel Germany.
Web site:


Wintershall specializes in energy and is a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF SE,
based in Ludwigshafen. Wintershall is active in various regions of the world in
exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas.

In Europe the BASF subsidiary trades and sells natural gas. The company markets
storage capacities for oil and gas,transportation capacities for gas as well as
optic fiber capacities. The company has its headquarters in Kassel and is now
Germany's largest producer of crude oil and natural gas.In its exploration and
production activities, Wintershall is deliberately focusing on selected core
where the company possesses a wealth of regional and technological expertise.
regions include Europe, North Africa, South America as well as Russia and the
Sea region.

More than 60 percent of the total natural gas and crude oil produced by
Wintershall comes
from deposits where Wintershall itself is the operating company. .


We need employees who are committed to the ideal of entrepreneurship and ready
and willing
take the future into their own hands." These words could hardly be a more
succinct and
trenchant summary of the qualities Wintershall is out to promote in its own

This project has been developed in a way not to affect your present job nor
bring you any form
of stress. We Seek Someone Ready and Honest whom will help the company in
Processing of
From Our Clients in the region, Due to courier lapses and lengthy days
processing checks, the
Board has Decided to put the project into test

We are giving you the opportunity to Earn a lot of money and experience training
into different
fields and works of life, you are to deduct 10% of what you receive,

For Every Payment Processed, you are entitled to 10% minimum and this tend to
upgrade with time
and other benefits and entitle packages grows along. You will be working
directly with the finance
department of this company and your sole job will be to process and cash payment
for the company.

You will be required to notify us at least 14 days early, if eventually you want
to discontinue
working with us, so as to terminate all payments that have been approved to be
sent to you, in order
to avoid any conflicts.

* The average monthly income is about $4000....
* High Income Potential
* 4 Commission Checks per Month
* No form of investments from you....
* This job takes only 1-3 hours per day....
* You do not pay any form of taxes....
* Club membership at KLM Airline...
* Profits that are Practically Guaranteed!

* Full Name:
* Residential Address (In Full, Not P.O.BOX):
* Zip Code:
* City:
* State:
* Contact Phone number(s):
* Email:
* Age:
* Occupation:

This Job is a NO-Fee application, if you are interested in applying for the job
then you can contact our
Human Resource Department via email ( with the requirements
to start receiving payments from our customers and start cashing right away.We try to be thoughtful
of employees, business partners, local communities and natural environment. Health and housing
allowance will be catered for (Effective after3 weeks on Application). This is acknowledged as part of our
policy. You may decline the policy offer anyway. Then we'll make the concluding arrangements on
how you'll get started.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Warmest Regards,
Bernard Schmidt
Head Human Resource Department
Wintershall Holding AG
Phone:+49 561 301-0
Fax: +49 561 301-1702

Well to be honest the scam that get me last time that cost me almost USD300 is this kinda scam. Human's greed. That's all I can say. Anyway to avoid this type of scam, just copy their mail address and google it. It HELPS.

P.S - BTW in logical thinking do you think this kinda 'BIG' company will look for our 'SMALL' people to clear up their 'checks'?

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