Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey there...

It's been awhile since I'd rant. Ok here's the thing. No breakthrough on PSP, Wii, Xbox360, PS3. So this conclude to one thing... Pirated scene is dying off soon, and actually we as a gamer should be proud of it.

Ever since Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep can't play under 6.0 and below, means that we're using only UMD to play. My Xbox360 is also (consider) dead because I don't dare to sacrifice my LIVE and update my drive. PS3's God of War 3 and Yakuza 3 is just tempting, let alone the Blu-Ray movie that I wanted to own for the long long time. Which means we're going to play original.

Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is coming soon, with Monster Hunter Tri International and Lost Planet 2, arh... CAPCOM! You're going to make me die soon for sucking my wallet! Even my Wii can't do much after injected and deleted wrong IOS. There goes my motherboard!

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