Monday, April 26, 2010

Etrian Odyssey 3

Well if you guys had play the first and second, well good news for you. The third installment is coming up real soon in Japan. The first is start off in forest, second in the sky, while this new installment start off in the floating sea.

Story goes in Amroad, a city which is surrounded by a big blue sea. Strange monsters appears at the city after the falls of the city due to a massive earthquake. People are gathered in Amroad to find the clue of the earthquake and the treasure that lies beneath the sea. YOU as the player will start the journey as one of the character.

If you're familiar with Final Fantasy Tactic Advance, well good for you. The job class is similar where you can have a primary job-class ability and sub-class with another job's ability. One of the unique gameplay is you record your own plan/map.

Some of the job class as well :

Prince/Princess - The royal family's group which brings up the team's spirit.

Shinobi - A must to have inside dungeon and labyrinth.

Ballista - Long-range shooter for 'run-away' enemy.

Farmer - A good supportive team in dungeon and labyrinth but not in battle. 

Zodiac - A genius character which use ether energy around to strike the enemy.

Phalanx - A fighter equipped with full set armor and spears. Great for battle.

Pirate - Experts in guns and swords.

Warrior - Strong physical which brings them to fight at the front row.

Unfortunately the N.A. version is out of stock for the previous version. So if you don't mind in Japanese, get the latest third installment here. The second one is here. Hurry while stock last.

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