Monday, April 26, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Preview

Stay in your position! Here comes the new server for another episode of Final Fantasy XIV for Playstation 3/PC. Well I guess there some lucky brat where they can test out the alpha version for Final Fantasy XI players in Europe, Japan and N.A. server. Still unknown when will this title comes out. Anyway let's take a look at some of the inside.

New class of job list is up there. There is some class where the attacks were differentiate as well. Near attacks would be Pugilist (2 position which is Offensive and Defensive Stance), Gladiator (with recovery skill if equipped with shield), Marauder (master with axes), Lancer (1 hit 2 enemy in a row, just like FFTA) and Miner (experts in mining ore). Where the long attacks would be Thaumaturge (Dark Mage which equipped with Gravity and Drain), Conjurer (elemental magician) and Archer (you know that). In addition there's Blacksmith as well (for your upgrading needs).

BTW it is not as convenient as you think that you can switch job anytime. According to the insider, you have 2 modes which is Active Mode (weapons are ready to strike) and Passive Mode (HP recovering without entering battle). You can switch to another job provided you're at Passive Mode and your weapon class should be the same. 

All in all, the updates will be available soon enough for you. Check this out if you have 2 particular thing. High speed broadband and Playstation 3/PC (do I mentioned your cash as well?)

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