Monday, April 26, 2010

G.G Series Collection +

As this company is famous with their mini-games in DSi ware, guess what? You're getting it here as well in DS card. New and old mini-games which total up to 30 mini-games in one cartridge (16 old and 14 new). Is coming out in Japan on 27th May 2010. Some of the new and old games are listed here as well.

New :

Variable Arms, Adventure of Uippaa, All Breaker, Harisen BON, Yuusha Puzzle

Old :

Conveyor Konpou, Z-ONE, Chou Hero Ouga, Drift Circuit, Assault Buster, Throw Out, Exciting River, Drilling Attack!!, Dark Spirits

Others :

The Last Night, Kakure Ninja Kagemaru, Nyokki, Shadow Army, Score Attacker, Vector, Run & Strike, Uchuu Race, Air Pinball Hockey

Pre-order are available now. Check it out here.

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