Monday, May 24, 2010

HOW TO : Make 6.20 PSP Games works on CFW (for 5.00 M33-6)(**UPDATE**)

WARNING : Backup your Original purchased game is legal, but when you share it, is not.

This is just a short and simple tutorial to make 6.20 Games (PSP) works on Custom Firmware (CFW) like M-33 and GEN.

Now i believe almost all of us PSP owner have their Firmware customised, so that we can get more out of the PSP rather than play games, watch video, surf online and read ebook.

For this tutorials I only describe 2 Japan 'hot-selling' games currently which is Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep (KHBBS) and God Eater (GE).

Ok the steps are quite simple. Let say you'd rip the games out become .iso format (I hope you know how to do it, if not please do more research). Now get some of the useful tool/application for this process. Google it yourself where to get it.

You'll need :


2) ISO TOOL 1.4v

3) UMDGEN v4


5) KHBBS file v0.5

Now open up your .iso (I'll go for KHBBS) go to PSP_GAME, USRDIR and you'll see some file. Take out BBS1.DAT, BBS2.DAT and BBS3.DAT. Then put it into the root of your memory stick for your PSP. Then unRAR DNAS_ENCRYPTER and put the folder into your memory stick which is located in PSP, GAME. After that launch the application.

For this D.I.Y, make sure your memory stick have at least 700MB. If not it won't run. It takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. The PSP screen will become black and your memory stick's light will flash. When it is done, it will automatically pop back to your PSP's XMB.

Plug your PSP into your PC. You'll see 3 new files created which is BBS1_DEC.DAT, BBS2_DEC.DAT and BBS3_DEC.DAT. Delete the 3 old DAT file that you put into just now. Then rename this 3 new files into the old name which is BBS1.DAT, BBS2.DAT and BBS3.DAT.

Next. UnRAR UMDGEN and put it onto your desktop of your PC. Use this program to open up your KHBBS.iso. Then same as WINRAR, go to PSP_GAME, USRDIR. THEN bring the 3 .DAT files from your PSP into your desktop. REPLACE THE OLD .DAT FILE WITH THE NEW .DAT FILE THAT YOU'D CREATED FROM YOUR PSP. Then click save uncompressed from UMDGEN and wait.

After that, cut the new .iso that you'd create into your PSP's ISO folder. Then unRAR ISOTOOL 1.4v same as how you put DNAS_DECRYPTER into your GAME folder inside the memory stick as well. Launch your ISOTOOL. Then you'll see your new KHBBS name inside. Press circle and you'll notice there's an option which is Decrypte EBOOT. Press it and make sure you click "Enable the Patch version" and use it.

Then unRAR KHBBS v0.5 file and put into the root of your memory stick. This file should contain 3 .prx file which is KHBBS_patch.prx, usersystemlib_wrapper.prx and utility_wrapper.prx. Then from your root of your memory stick find seplugins. Inside should have a game.txt file. (if it is not you can create your own) Then copy this sentence ms0:/KHBBS/KHBBS_patch.prx 1 and save it. DONE. Now the file is ready to play.

Next for GE. This one is easier. Straight away copy your .iso file into your memory stick. Launch ISOTOOL 1.4v. Same as KHBBS. Decrypt the EBOOT. After that go to PATCH. You'll see Kernel_LibrarZ. Press it. When is done go to PATCH again. This time scroll to libfont patch. Wait, then you're done. Now the game is running.

It is recommended that you use a stable memory stick (SANDISK recommended). There are more new 6.20 Games that almost do the same thing like this but I didn't try it out. Happy D.I.Y.


For Blazblue Calamity Trigger Portable, Yakuza PSP (Japanese version), Valkyrie Chronicle 2, simply get the newest ISOTOOL 1.75. Then from the menu, choose EBOOT decrypt. Then choose Patch/Patch Prometheus. Done.

For PES 2011 and Lord of Arcana (Jap version), simply get the newest ISOTOOL 1.81, then choose EBOOT decrypt. That's all.

For Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Jap Version), go get a RAR file called MHP3rd M33 Patch. Inside it is consist of 3 files, ISOTOOL 1.92 (1.73MB), 636 (1.03MB) and peagasus.prx. Then put 636 and peagasus.prx into your seplugin folder in your Memory Stick. Then on your game.txt inside seplugin folder enable the prx. Then from ISOTOOL 1.92 choose Patch Prometheus4/. Done.

For The 3rd Birthday, simply use ISOTOOL 1.952 and decrypt the Eboot.

Do post some comments if it works for your PSP. We can discuss along here too.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Xbox360 Live (Japan) Gold account and Microsoft Point explained...

I was excited to see this promotion when I log into my Xbox360 Live (Japan) account. But when I further on click on the button this picture appears...

This has saddened me from my 'excitement'. Well I might be wrong, but it has explain that the first month would be 100 Yen. The subsequent month is 819 Yen and will be auto-renew. Means that every month you'll be paying the monthly fees. Well if you guys never know how much is Xbox360 Live Gold (Japan) cost, well today I'm here to explain.

The reason you want to subscribe to Gold membership is to play multi-player with other people (Yea, PSN is not charging anything, period). I have two profile (means I have two accounts and connects to two server, Asia {Singapore} and Japan). The advantage of connecting to Japan server compare to Asia server is because I found out that is more stable (tried with Winning Eleven 10 and Left 4 Dead 2 Demo version).

As a typical Asian where I'm living in a developing country, playing consoles is really hard (especially if you're going Original). Price comparison to us is usual stuff that we'll do. So today I would like to compare Gold membership and Microsoft points.

Well as you can see here there's 3 option for you. 1 month, 3 months and a year subscription. As you all may know, redeem code (via buying coupon card) is only applicable for a year subscription. Well take a look.

Compare with this one.

Well is an obvious option that getting a coupon card is cheaper anyway. For my case I'll purchase online for 3-month subscription. Well I got other console to play duh... I don't want to get myself tied up for a year subscription. Anyway price might change due to currency changes. Now let's take a look at Microsoft points.

As you can see here there's many selection if you purchase online. Well take a look here.

Let's do the math. This is 1400MS points. Let's make a comparison. If I buy 1000MS point and 500MS point online, it'll cost me 2220Yen. So let's convert it and take a look.

Wow! You'll never know is A BIT cheaper than you buy coupon and you get 100 extra MS point. FYI, MS points are region-locked. Means if you're profile is Japan server, you need to buy the MS points using Japan coupon and same goes to Asia and U.S. So... if you want to buy some arcade game (might be different due to region/country availability), then create an Asia account and buy Asia coupon. Trust me, is more cheap than U.S. and Japan and you get the same game as well. This is just my comparison and opinion. To get your 1-year Gold subscription click here. While for your Asia MS point, get it here.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trauma Team

I'd play this on NDS, and no. I'm not a good doctor. Well for this third installment is called Trauma Team, where you have 6 doctors with 6 different storyline. It is release for N.A. and the Japan version is coming out soon called Hospital : 6 Doctors. 

Well basically is just 6 different doctors from 6 different department. That's all. For the gameplay, well mostly the same. We have First Response, Orthopedics, Diagnosis, Forensic, Endoscopy and Surgery. 

For those 'doctor-wannabe', come get your copy here for N.A. and Japan release. If you'd never play any operation-related game before, check out the first and second (N.A. and Japan) installment as well.

Sengoku Basara 3 Preview 1

If you never heard of this game, well too bad for you. I enjoyed the anime. It has the international release before on PS2 called Demon King. Maybe it is not as good as Sangoku Musou series for the international, which makes the second series is not released for N.A.

Well anyway lets get into some of the synopsis. Each character will have their own storyline from the old character (Sanada Yukimura, Date Masamune) to the new character (Ishida Mitsunari, Tokugawa Ieyasu) which is all related to the event. New moves, modes and gameplay will add more fun for this installment. You can check out the video as well.

FYI it is going to hit the N.A store soon with the international release. Check it out for PS3 (Japan), Wii (Japan), PS3 (N.A) and Wii (N.A). SO.....Get your guns on...!

PS - These are some of the previous release for the past episode on PS2, which is Sengoku Basara 2, Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes and Sengoku Basara X. Check out the PSP and Wii version as well.

Final Fantasy XIV Preview 2

Well guys, here are the updates on the upcoming MMORPG for your PS3. Xbox360 and PC has FF XI, so now is your PS3 owner getting this game exclusive. Let's see what's the update. 

Although there are different races (Hyur, Elezen, Miqo'te, Lalafell and Roegadyn), but each races will have different clan as well. 

Hyur consist of Midland Hyur (rich with culture and education. More than half of Eorzea citizens are Midlander) and Highland Hyur (lives in Mountain Eorzealah. Rare race from Hyur and hard to find them unless you're a hired soldier).

Elezen consist of Wildwood Elezen (lives in the forest. The best archer of the race provided with sharp sight) and Duskwight Elezen (lives in the caves Good with melee for the sharp hearing. Stealing is one of their living as well).

Miqo'te consist of Seeker of the Sun (worshiped the God of the Sun, Azeyma the Warden. Famous with their bright iris and cat's eye)  and Keepers of the Moon (worshiped the God of the Moon, Menphina the Lover. Famous with the war-paint on their face).

Lalafell consist of Plainsfolk (origins from the farming community in the south sea. The most common Lalafell that you can find in Eorzea) and Dunesfolk (more traditional race and easily spotted from their living house that's attached on the giant pet. Jewel on their forehead represent the zodiac sign).

Roegadyn consist of Hellsguard (lives in volcanic mountain and act as guardian to the mountain. High in defence and able to learn magic with wide selection of job) and Sea Wolves (comes from the northern sea and lives as a fisherman. Hired as a sailor or soldier)

There you have it. Pre-order are available now for PC and PS3. So what you waiting for?

Metal Max 3

Never heard of Metal Max? Well me either. Is an old game back in 1993. The first Metal Max comes out for NES back in 1991 but it has change to Metal Saga in 2006-2007. Now the producer Kadokawa Games said that it will come out with the sequel from the original, Metal Max 3. A new RPG for NDS. Check this out.

Metal Max 3 brings you to the future where civilization is in a disaster. This time you're in the desert and fight the robots. Dr. Minch has a side-kick Igor that'd revive the protagonist named Hero. Unfortunately for Hero, his memory is lost and now you're going to recapture all the missing pieces of his memory.

Some of the class job that you can choose is Hunter, Mechanic, Soldier, Nurse, Wrestler and Artist. Multiparty system is a new system where you can bring along 2 different class job NPC with you along with a pet called Pochi (dog). 

These are some of the area that you'll be exploring and enemy that you'll meet. Seriously I never heard of this game since it was a NES game era. Well if you guys are interested and good in Japanese, then click here to check it out. IMHO I don't think it will have an international release soon. UNLESS Atlus.....

Friday, May 14, 2010

Monster Hunter Frontier Online Xbox360 Beta version

Well guess what? Is open for Japanese Account for Xbox360 and is free! (Period due to beta test version) I'm not sure is for Gold or Silver since I'm still at 1-month free trial Gold LIVE Japanese account. After bashing up Ninja Gaiden 2, now this thing pops up. Guess I'm going to get busy for now. Even miss out all my routine work. DAMN!


It seems that I cant play. Looks like is only meant for Japanese people. ISP different. Can't log in. DAMN DAMN!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

After a decade...

I'm not sure myself. After 10 years of the game release but I'm still addicted to the song. 2 Version. Check this out.

Rock Version

Acoustic Version

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

White Knight Chronicle 2 (Japanese)

PS3 owner (not me). If you never heard of White Knight Chronicle before, well too bad for you. Anyway the sequel is confirm for the Japanese market and is coming out real soon this year. If you haven't play this game before (like me), now here's the story.

From the prequel, in the Kingdom of Balandor, a princess has been pursue by an organization called Magi. There comes a hero called Leonard saves the princess and found a set of armor and become the White Knight and fight the Magi clan. As the story goes, new hero and heroin will be introduce in the second installment which is Scardyne (General thats been ordered to protect Miu that's running away from Republic of Foria due to politics) and Miu (15 years old girl whom is the granddaughter of Duke Durham, king of Republic of Foria)

More preview/story coming out when Sony expose more snapshot about this coming release. If you haven't play the first one, check out the U.S and Japan version here. Soundtrack and guidebook (Japanese) will come in handy too.

Check out the video as well,

Lost Planet 2

The game is out, some critics saying that it sucks. Well I'm not sure anyway because the first installment was awesome. I was playing the Xbox360 version. For those of you that's been anticipating this sequel like me, then check this out.

Is been 10 years since the first story goes. More survival are looking for more T-ENG and facing more Akrid. New weapon has been introduces such as revolver, gun sword and rocket launcher. New VS suit  and Akrid will be accompany you along the journey. I'd downloaded the final demo for Lost Planet 2 via Xbox LIVE but couldn't extract it into my PC HDD.

Fans out there, check out the premium version for Xbox360 (slurp....!). Get your PS3 version here and Xbox360 as well. Well I was waiting for the price cut anyway.

Atelier Totori : Alchemist of Arland 2

Seriously I'd never saw the first installment of this game and is coming out on the second one? Anyway here's the synopsis of the second installment.

5 years later in Arland. Totooria (protagonist) want to go for the adventure with her dad and elder sister to find her mother. Just that simple. The previous protagonist (Rorona) will appear as well. 

'Alchemy system' and 'Battle system' has been improved. The new feature would be 'Adventure License' which you need to level-up so that you can travel further and explore bigger maps in search for her mother. If you'd play the first installment, then I wish you good luck. IMO I don't think it will release for the international soon. So if you're good in Japanese and been a follower, check out the first and the newest installment for PS3. There are NDS and PSP version as well though

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2

Good news for fans of Dragon Quest Monster Joker. The installment is coming out real soon. Though I never play before (I think is almost the same like G Generation Series where you unlock and mix-and-match the monster together and become another better/badder/greater monster). I know there are many fan out there, so this sequel won't let you down either.

The new feature in this series would be 'Scout Attack', where you can 'tame' the monster that you're fighting and make it yours. It features almost 300 monster from small to big. The graphics has been improves and now more place for you to explore with daytime and nighttime. Different monster will come out depends on where you are.

On the other hand, the biggest feature of this game is the "World Monster Championship". It is a online competition where you can fight with other people up to 8 person (think about Mario Kart DS). So if you think you have the baddest monster, think again. Get the challenge via Online. 

Is already out in the store now, for those of you can't wait for the translation, get it here. In the meantime if you happen miss out the first installment, get the Japanese or English version here.

Prince of Persia : The Forgotten Sand

I'd play the first and the third game before, and the movie which is coming out soon to cinema worldwide. So if you're a fan of Prince of Persia (PoP), then you'll definitely cannot miss the sequel coming to all major platform.

Not really like the first one, as it involves many climbs and 3D viewing to start from which point to another point. Kinda bored me. Third was ok (couldn't finish up though where you can become the darkside of the prince). So what's new for this new series?

The story continues after the adventure in Azad. Prince found out that his brother's kingdom has been destroyed. Malik, Prince's brother forced to summon Army Sand to save the kingdom although he knows that catastrophe will come soon..

This time not only object that you can freeze using the dagger, now you can freeze the water element from the environment as well. Well not much explanation here. Do check it out yourself for Xbox360, PS3, Wii, NDS, PSP and PC. For the second and third series too. 

Click here

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