Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Atelier Totori : Alchemist of Arland 2

Seriously I'd never saw the first installment of this game and is coming out on the second one? Anyway here's the synopsis of the second installment.

5 years later in Arland. Totooria (protagonist) want to go for the adventure with her dad and elder sister to find her mother. Just that simple. The previous protagonist (Rorona) will appear as well. 

'Alchemy system' and 'Battle system' has been improved. The new feature would be 'Adventure License' which you need to level-up so that you can travel further and explore bigger maps in search for her mother. If you'd play the first installment, then I wish you good luck. IMO I don't think it will release for the international soon. So if you're good in Japanese and been a follower, check out the first and the newest installment for PS3. There are NDS and PSP version as well though

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