Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2

Good news for fans of Dragon Quest Monster Joker. The installment is coming out real soon. Though I never play before (I think is almost the same like G Generation Series where you unlock and mix-and-match the monster together and become another better/badder/greater monster). I know there are many fan out there, so this sequel won't let you down either.

The new feature in this series would be 'Scout Attack', where you can 'tame' the monster that you're fighting and make it yours. It features almost 300 monster from small to big. The graphics has been improves and now more place for you to explore with daytime and nighttime. Different monster will come out depends on where you are.

On the other hand, the biggest feature of this game is the "World Monster Championship". It is a online competition where you can fight with other people up to 8 person (think about Mario Kart DS). So if you think you have the baddest monster, think again. Get the challenge via Online. 

Is already out in the store now, for those of you can't wait for the translation, get it here. In the meantime if you happen miss out the first installment, get the Japanese or English version here.

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