Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Preview 2

Well guys, here are the updates on the upcoming MMORPG for your PS3. Xbox360 and PC has FF XI, so now is your PS3 owner getting this game exclusive. Let's see what's the update. 

Although there are different races (Hyur, Elezen, Miqo'te, Lalafell and Roegadyn), but each races will have different clan as well. 

Hyur consist of Midland Hyur (rich with culture and education. More than half of Eorzea citizens are Midlander) and Highland Hyur (lives in Mountain Eorzealah. Rare race from Hyur and hard to find them unless you're a hired soldier).

Elezen consist of Wildwood Elezen (lives in the forest. The best archer of the race provided with sharp sight) and Duskwight Elezen (lives in the caves Good with melee for the sharp hearing. Stealing is one of their living as well).

Miqo'te consist of Seeker of the Sun (worshiped the God of the Sun, Azeyma the Warden. Famous with their bright iris and cat's eye)  and Keepers of the Moon (worshiped the God of the Moon, Menphina the Lover. Famous with the war-paint on their face).

Lalafell consist of Plainsfolk (origins from the farming community in the south sea. The most common Lalafell that you can find in Eorzea) and Dunesfolk (more traditional race and easily spotted from their living house that's attached on the giant pet. Jewel on their forehead represent the zodiac sign).

Roegadyn consist of Hellsguard (lives in volcanic mountain and act as guardian to the mountain. High in defence and able to learn magic with wide selection of job) and Sea Wolves (comes from the northern sea and lives as a fisherman. Hired as a sailor or soldier)

There you have it. Pre-order are available now for PC and PS3. So what you waiting for?

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