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HOW TO : Make 6.20 PSP Games works on CFW (for 5.00 M33-6)(**UPDATE**)

WARNING : Backup your Original purchased game is legal, but when you share it, is not.

This is just a short and simple tutorial to make 6.20 Games (PSP) works on Custom Firmware (CFW) like M-33 and GEN.

Now i believe almost all of us PSP owner have their Firmware customised, so that we can get more out of the PSP rather than play games, watch video, surf online and read ebook.

For this tutorials I only describe 2 Japan 'hot-selling' games currently which is Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep (KHBBS) and God Eater (GE).

Ok the steps are quite simple. Let say you'd rip the games out become .iso format (I hope you know how to do it, if not please do more research). Now get some of the useful tool/application for this process. Google it yourself where to get it.

You'll need :


2) ISO TOOL 1.4v

3) UMDGEN v4


5) KHBBS file v0.5

Now open up your .iso (I'll go for KHBBS) go to PSP_GAME, USRDIR and you'll see some file. Take out BBS1.DAT, BBS2.DAT and BBS3.DAT. Then put it into the root of your memory stick for your PSP. Then unRAR DNAS_ENCRYPTER and put the folder into your memory stick which is located in PSP, GAME. After that launch the application.

For this D.I.Y, make sure your memory stick have at least 700MB. If not it won't run. It takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. The PSP screen will become black and your memory stick's light will flash. When it is done, it will automatically pop back to your PSP's XMB.

Plug your PSP into your PC. You'll see 3 new files created which is BBS1_DEC.DAT, BBS2_DEC.DAT and BBS3_DEC.DAT. Delete the 3 old DAT file that you put into just now. Then rename this 3 new files into the old name which is BBS1.DAT, BBS2.DAT and BBS3.DAT.

Next. UnRAR UMDGEN and put it onto your desktop of your PC. Use this program to open up your KHBBS.iso. Then same as WINRAR, go to PSP_GAME, USRDIR. THEN bring the 3 .DAT files from your PSP into your desktop. REPLACE THE OLD .DAT FILE WITH THE NEW .DAT FILE THAT YOU'D CREATED FROM YOUR PSP. Then click save uncompressed from UMDGEN and wait.

After that, cut the new .iso that you'd create into your PSP's ISO folder. Then unRAR ISOTOOL 1.4v same as how you put DNAS_DECRYPTER into your GAME folder inside the memory stick as well. Launch your ISOTOOL. Then you'll see your new KHBBS name inside. Press circle and you'll notice there's an option which is Decrypte EBOOT. Press it and make sure you click "Enable the Patch version" and use it.

Then unRAR KHBBS v0.5 file and put into the root of your memory stick. This file should contain 3 .prx file which is KHBBS_patch.prx, usersystemlib_wrapper.prx and utility_wrapper.prx. Then from your root of your memory stick find seplugins. Inside should have a game.txt file. (if it is not you can create your own) Then copy this sentence ms0:/KHBBS/KHBBS_patch.prx 1 and save it. DONE. Now the file is ready to play.

Next for GE. This one is easier. Straight away copy your .iso file into your memory stick. Launch ISOTOOL 1.4v. Same as KHBBS. Decrypt the EBOOT. After that go to PATCH. You'll see Kernel_LibrarZ. Press it. When is done go to PATCH again. This time scroll to libfont patch. Wait, then you're done. Now the game is running.

It is recommended that you use a stable memory stick (SANDISK recommended). There are more new 6.20 Games that almost do the same thing like this but I didn't try it out. Happy D.I.Y.


For Blazblue Calamity Trigger Portable, Yakuza PSP (Japanese version), Valkyrie Chronicle 2, simply get the newest ISOTOOL 1.75. Then from the menu, choose EBOOT decrypt. Then choose Patch/Patch Prometheus. Done.

For PES 2011 and Lord of Arcana (Jap version), simply get the newest ISOTOOL 1.81, then choose EBOOT decrypt. That's all.

For Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Jap Version), go get a RAR file called MHP3rd M33 Patch. Inside it is consist of 3 files, ISOTOOL 1.92 (1.73MB), 636 (1.03MB) and peagasus.prx. Then put 636 and peagasus.prx into your seplugin folder in your Memory Stick. Then on your game.txt inside seplugin folder enable the prx. Then from ISOTOOL 1.92 choose Patch Prometheus4/. Done.

For The 3rd Birthday, simply use ISOTOOL 1.952 and decrypt the Eboot.

Do post some comments if it works for your PSP. We can discuss along here too.

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