Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lost Planet 2

The game is out, some critics saying that it sucks. Well I'm not sure anyway because the first installment was awesome. I was playing the Xbox360 version. For those of you that's been anticipating this sequel like me, then check this out.

Is been 10 years since the first story goes. More survival are looking for more T-ENG and facing more Akrid. New weapon has been introduces such as revolver, gun sword and rocket launcher. New VS suit  and Akrid will be accompany you along the journey. I'd downloaded the final demo for Lost Planet 2 via Xbox LIVE but couldn't extract it into my PC HDD.

Fans out there, check out the premium version for Xbox360 (slurp....!). Get your PS3 version here and Xbox360 as well. Well I was waiting for the price cut anyway.

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