Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Metal Max 3

Never heard of Metal Max? Well me either. Is an old game back in 1993. The first Metal Max comes out for NES back in 1991 but it has change to Metal Saga in 2006-2007. Now the producer Kadokawa Games said that it will come out with the sequel from the original, Metal Max 3. A new RPG for NDS. Check this out.

Metal Max 3 brings you to the future where civilization is in a disaster. This time you're in the desert and fight the robots. Dr. Minch has a side-kick Igor that'd revive the protagonist named Hero. Unfortunately for Hero, his memory is lost and now you're going to recapture all the missing pieces of his memory.

Some of the class job that you can choose is Hunter, Mechanic, Soldier, Nurse, Wrestler and Artist. Multiparty system is a new system where you can bring along 2 different class job NPC with you along with a pet called Pochi (dog). 

These are some of the area that you'll be exploring and enemy that you'll meet. Seriously I never heard of this game since it was a NES game era. Well if you guys are interested and good in Japanese, then click here to check it out. IMHO I don't think it will have an international release soon. UNLESS Atlus.....

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