Tuesday, May 4, 2010

White Knight Chronicle 2 (Japanese)

PS3 owner (not me). If you never heard of White Knight Chronicle before, well too bad for you. Anyway the sequel is confirm for the Japanese market and is coming out real soon this year. If you haven't play this game before (like me), now here's the story.

From the prequel, in the Kingdom of Balandor, a princess has been pursue by an organization called Magi. There comes a hero called Leonard saves the princess and found a set of armor and become the White Knight and fight the Magi clan. As the story goes, new hero and heroin will be introduce in the second installment which is Scardyne (General thats been ordered to protect Miu that's running away from Republic of Foria due to politics) and Miu (15 years old girl whom is the granddaughter of Duke Durham, king of Republic of Foria)

More preview/story coming out when Sony expose more snapshot about this coming release. If you haven't play the first one, check out the U.S and Japan version here. Soundtrack and guidebook (Japanese) will come in handy too.

Check out the video as well,

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