Thursday, May 20, 2010

Xbox360 Live (Japan) Gold account and Microsoft Point explained...

I was excited to see this promotion when I log into my Xbox360 Live (Japan) account. But when I further on click on the button this picture appears...

This has saddened me from my 'excitement'. Well I might be wrong, but it has explain that the first month would be 100 Yen. The subsequent month is 819 Yen and will be auto-renew. Means that every month you'll be paying the monthly fees. Well if you guys never know how much is Xbox360 Live Gold (Japan) cost, well today I'm here to explain.

The reason you want to subscribe to Gold membership is to play multi-player with other people (Yea, PSN is not charging anything, period). I have two profile (means I have two accounts and connects to two server, Asia {Singapore} and Japan). The advantage of connecting to Japan server compare to Asia server is because I found out that is more stable (tried with Winning Eleven 10 and Left 4 Dead 2 Demo version).

As a typical Asian where I'm living in a developing country, playing consoles is really hard (especially if you're going Original). Price comparison to us is usual stuff that we'll do. So today I would like to compare Gold membership and Microsoft points.

Well as you can see here there's 3 option for you. 1 month, 3 months and a year subscription. As you all may know, redeem code (via buying coupon card) is only applicable for a year subscription. Well take a look.

Compare with this one.

Well is an obvious option that getting a coupon card is cheaper anyway. For my case I'll purchase online for 3-month subscription. Well I got other console to play duh... I don't want to get myself tied up for a year subscription. Anyway price might change due to currency changes. Now let's take a look at Microsoft points.

As you can see here there's many selection if you purchase online. Well take a look here.

Let's do the math. This is 1400MS points. Let's make a comparison. If I buy 1000MS point and 500MS point online, it'll cost me 2220Yen. So let's convert it and take a look.

Wow! You'll never know is A BIT cheaper than you buy coupon and you get 100 extra MS point. FYI, MS points are region-locked. Means if you're profile is Japan server, you need to buy the MS points using Japan coupon and same goes to Asia and U.S. So... if you want to buy some arcade game (might be different due to region/country availability), then create an Asia account and buy Asia coupon. Trust me, is more cheap than U.S. and Japan and you get the same game as well. This is just my comparison and opinion. To get your 1-year Gold subscription click here. While for your Asia MS point, get it here.

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