Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Name : Xenoblade

Category : RPG

Released date : 10th June 2010 (JP) and TBA (NA)

Platform : Nintendo Wii

Synopsis (from Play-Asia) : In the distant past, when the world was still covered in endless blue, there were two gods - the machine god and the giant god. To decide who gets to rule this world, the two fought each other until death.

Land surfaced years after the war, and later, human civilization flourished. But peace didn't last, for machine soldiers appeared. Set in an alternate world where the middle ages meets sci-fi, this is another war that ends all wars.

The game uses an action battle system that allows you free movement. Hit your target and run from his hit range, or combo him with your two other party characters. If your party gage is full, you can activate arts that could severely weaken your opponent.

One of the most useful features is the premonition system, for a few seconds after the battle started, you could see what fatal damages your enemy could do to your party. To change the future, you have to defeat the monster before he give you that lethal blow.

Playable Characters : Shulk, Fiorung, Carna, Dunban, Rein (Homs) Melia (Hienter), Riki (Nopon)

Sub-Character : Mumca, Dikson (Homs)

Get your copy's here together with the soundtrack as well.

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