Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ys VS. Sora no Kiseki Alternative Saga

Another Ys remake series? Well not really, as the name suggested, is an ALTERNATIVE SAGA, where 2 series of Ys combined into a versus game. Here's the story goes.

Zanado, once a known 'heaven' has been abandoned by human and been put in a curse. For so long this country has been attracted when the Dark King from the past comes out from the place again. So far 6 character has been confirmed in this series, 3 from each series. This includes Joshua Bright, Dogi, Adol Christin, Estelle Bright, Olha and Tila Russel. 

In conjunction with this new games, they're releasing a special edition which includes a drama CD. Check out the special edition and the normal edition here. Ys fan, what are you waiting for?

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