Monday, July 19, 2010

Playstation MOVE

Alright, everyone was hype over the E3's expo of the newest Kinect and Playstation Move. So.... What's your point of view? For me.... Well I found out that I'm not really interested on it. Why? Well basically is almost the same idea from Nintendo Wii's concept, but in High Definition (HD) only. That's all. Until we see what kinda release that it'll bring, I think we just hold our horse now. In the meantime check out the Playstation Move's video provided and see what's going in the stores in this few month coming. 

At the end of the video, check it out. Let see... Move Motion Controller, PS3 Eye Camera, Move Navigation Controller, Move Charging Station, Move Shooting Attachment. These are all the things that you need for you to start it out. Not forgetting the consoles as well. Crap they're coming out with the new 160GB and 320GB. Does it worth to play the HD motion games? Well you decide. Currently the only game that interests me is this. Listen to the song and I can 90% sure the rapper was the Hongkong duo called 'FAMA'. Check out the video too.

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