Monday, July 12, 2010

Taiko no Tatsujin DS: Dororon! Youkai Daikessen!!

Category : Music

Release Date : 1st July 2010

Company : Namco Bandai Games

Synopsis (from Play-Asia) : More songs, more adventures and more fun. After defeating opponents from other dojos, the Taikos have embarked on a new journey to defeat the yokai (or devils). Win outfits and level up when you beat them.

This version will feature anime theme songs such as Totoro and Ponyo, Jpop songs such as Choo Choo train and rearranged classics such as Beethoven's symphonies. Taikos could play everything, and so do you.

With just one game software, a maximum of four people could join the party, you just need to turn on the Wi Fi control. Take part in the "Every Day Challenge" daily to see how much your taiko skills improved, win points and unlock new songs.

This game needs no introduction. With its famous arcade hit, everyone without the knowledge of Kanji can play it as well.

Some of the songs which includes Kiseki (GReeeeN), Choo Choo Train (Exile), Sign (Naruto Shippuden), W-B-X W-Boiled Extreme (Kamen Rider W), Gake no Ue no Ponyo (Ponyo On The Cliff), Symphony No. 7 (Beethoven), Electrical Parade Theme  (Baroque Hoedown), Rhythm & Police and many more.

To order yours, just click here. (I wonder how you keep 2 stylus on your DS)

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