Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Carnage Heart EXA

This is not a new game. Carnage Heart has come out from PS1 (Carnage Heart and Carnage Heart EZ) and PSP before. I never heard of this game before. Is a SLG (similar to SuperRobot Taisen). A little chemistry between SLG and Armored Core. This game can support 6 players on Ad-Hoc. Want to know more? Click here. In my opinion this game has never reach the shore of U.S. which is why this game is not so popular.

Synopsis (from Play-Asia) : Build your Robot, select parts to form the body, arms, legs and weapons. Then program the software chip that oversees your general battle tactics. How you prepare your mecha is the key to winning in Carnage Heart.After 15 years, the popular robot simulation Carnage Heart is back, this time on the Sony PSP. You follow the Taiwanese college student on a life-changing adventure. This time, your tactics is not the only thing tested in battle, your fighting skills will be very useful, so be sure to sharpen it before jumping in.

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