Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV on your IPad/IPhone?

Well apparently this is true, they'd posted out the 'Alpha Test'. Well I'm not good enough to read the whole Chinese page (yea I'm a Chinese but I don't read and write) but I can literally understand abit about the content. Eventually you need an Application on the App Store called [TeamViewer]. I didn't have an IPhone/IPad so I couldn't try out the application. So what is written there is just you're playing the PC version, and when you'd syncronise your Login and Password using [TeamViewer], then you can use your little small Apple gadget to play. Whether your IPhone/IPad is the 3G or Wi-Fi support, as long you can login then you're good to go.

Since this is just an 'Alpha Test', how the communication input for the game are yet to be explained. On the other hand if you're getting yourself ready for the MMORPG for this upcoming Final Fantasy XIV, get your orders here for PS3 and PC. If you can't wait for the N.A. version then get the Japanese version for the PS3 and PC. Soundtrack has been out for per-orders too for field and battles track. Check it out.

*Update* - My mistakes. Only PC version is coming out on September 2010. For PS3 version is going TBA.

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