Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to buy with Play-Asia if you're first time customer?

Apparently there's a guy message me via Facebook about Xbox 360 Slim. So if you're new and not familiar with online purchase in Play-Asia, do not fear. Here's the step-by-step guidance for new customers.

Let say you're interested on a console, say Xbox 360 Slim 250 GB 220v (Asia). This is what you can do on my page. You don't need to register FIRST. Registration will come along later when you're done shopping online.

1) You can click on the image for the item that you're interested or look for the 'search box for Play-Asia'  on left hand column and type on whatever item that you're looking for. You can also click on the link that I'd highlight for some item as well. 

2) After you'd found your product, just click on the 'add to shopping cart'. Alternatively you can browse for options for your console by clicking on 'more choices'. 

3) Now you'll be prompt to a new page and you can see your shopping cart from the right side. Let say you're done with your shopping then you can click 'checkout' or check your stuff with 'shopping cart'.

4) From here you can do your account registration by clicking on 'next step' for your new account or if you are a previous/regular customer just click 'login'.

5) For new customer you can check your stuff and proceed or you want to shop more you still can browse here. All the item that you'd in your 'shopping cart' will shows up. If you're done, just click 'next step'.

6) Then you'll be given choices of using which courier to send to your place. Click on it and continue.

7) NOW you can create your new account here and choose for your payment method. After that double-check your item, payment, shipping method, address, email and you're good to go.

8) After your confirmation, there'll be an email send to your email account for the receipt and confirmation.

There you go. Simple and easy step-by-step guide for your convenient needs of gaming stuff. Do drop a message or PM me via Facebook if you have any inquiry/unsure on how the thing works. Alternatively you can look at here for more understanding and reading for Terms and Conditions. Enjoy your shopping.

PS- This are some of my opinions/recommendation for your safety/convenient and to minimize your risk of losing your stuff.

1) Do check your information that you'd provided. Make sure every words and number that you prompt in are correct. If your address is too long, make sure you give your postcode as the courier/sender/postman can send your thing easier via postcode number.

2) Sometimes Play-Asia offers FREE shipping (you read it right, FREE SHIPPING) for some country. It takes longer and it can takes about 1-2 weeks to reach. The bad thing is you can't trace your item. SO IF YOU'RE ORDERING A CONSOLE OR ITEM THAT'S MORE THAN USD 60, I suggest you take international courier such as FEDEX or UPS. Not for easily faint-hearted people. 

3) Everytime when you'd made an order with confirmation, immediately (less than 5 minutes) Play-Asia will send you a email of confirmation. IF you'd not received it, on HASTE email/call Play-Asia and check it out.

4) As claim by many people around the world, PayPal is the safest method for online transaction. Well if you don't have a PayPal account, credit card will do. Be sure that the item's cost is sufficient for your card/account to deduct just to be sure that no delays will occur for your product.

5) If you happen to shop around USD 50 or more, do PM me via Facebook if I have an extra voucher and I can personally give you a USD 5.00 discount voucher (limited time and first-come-first serve basis).

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