Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kungfu Rider and The Shoot

Can't get enough of Playstation Move? Here's another 2 title for you. In my previous post, you already watch the commercial of Playstation Move and Kungfu Rider. So what about The Shoot? Well I'm not sure what kinda things that you're going to shoot, I'll be more interested to shoot this one here. Sony fans, what are you waiting for? get your pre-orders for The Shoot and Kungfu Rider here. Don't forget your controller, gun and camera as well.

Synopsis for The Shoot (from Play-Asia) : Use the pinpoint accuracy and motion tracking of the PlayStation®Move to dodge attacks and take out the bad guys. From robots to outlaws, no villain on the set is safe. Bring a friend along for the ride to turn this shoot into a buddy flick. With five locations to shoot and unlimited bullets, you can bet this is going to be fun. It’ll take precise aim, mighty power moves, and a whole lot of bravado to pull this off, but that’s exactly why you’re playing.

Synopsis for Kungfu Rider (from Play-Asia) : Catapult your way through the wild, untamed city streets of a megalopolis as you use the PlayStation®Move motion controller to slingshot forward, smash through crowds of pedestrians, lock in air defying combo chains and karate chop your way to safety. On the run and armed with only the puttering wheels of their office chairs and a few ferocious kung fu moves, private detective Toby and his mesmerizing assistant Karin must rush to flee the city before getting clotheslined by the mob. Experience the heart pounding adrenaline rush of a high speed getaway as you ride your way to safety, grasping onto your PlayStation®Move motion controller to stay in control at breakneck speeds.

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