Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kurohyou: Ryu ga Gotoku Shinshou

Remember the Yakuza 3 that hits the PS3 scene after it has localize to the North America version? Everyone was happy with that because instead of changing the voice casting, they only change the subtitle to English which was a very good moves. Now the Yakuza 4 is already landed on Japan back in few months back the sales was skyrocket and PS3 was selling REAL good. For now we're about to see the sales of PSP version of Yakuza. Trust me, this title is going to be phenomenal on Japan and PSPgo will sell some of it too.

Well check out the video yourself and place your pre-order here.

Synopsis (from Play-Asia) : Kurohyou is Ryu ga Gotoku's debut on Sony PSP. The black leopard, Ukyou Tatsuya is a young man who believes fighting is his everything and terrorizes Kamuro chou with his fists. One day, he punches a yakuza boss to death and is captured by the group.

The only way to escape being killed right then and there is to become a pawn of the group and participate in the underground boxing match - Dragon Heat. Winning is the only way to survive.

At the end of the matches, what will he find? Freedom at last, or the real face of hell?

Kamuro Chou is the center of ambition and desire. There are more than 100 branches of sub-story. Be careful when you get into these story branches. Also, remember to meet the cabaret club girls and take them to dates.

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