Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why playing Xbox 360 is more expensive than PS3

Well I'll make it to the point and as short as possible. I was playing Super Street Fighter 4 for Xbox360 when I decided to go on Live and check it out. At my surprise not only you need to pay for the special costumes for the fighter via Microsoft Points (well is optional), but you need to become a GOLD membership then ONLY you can fight with other people around the world. Yeah the new Slim was nice I saw the real thing, but seriously Microsoft was too money minded.

Subscription fees plus points? Oh man, I do admit there are some Arcade games are pretty interesting, but PSN has it as well (mostly popular games are for all platform) AND you only have to buy the Network Card for the paid content and you can fight with other players around the world FREE...! On the other hand, chatting online for Xbox360 also requires GOLD membership, where PS3 was FREE...! This is the solely reason that I brought this PS3 Bluetooth headset instead of Xbox360 wireless headset although I'm not an owner of PS3 (hope it is soon enough before Christmas). PS3 has launched a new set of consoles with new 160GB (Black and White) and 320GB (Black only). 

This PS3 Bluetooth headset not only for PS3, it is compatible with your cellphone using Bluetooth connectivity and desktop microphone as well (provided you have Bluetooth adapter on your PC and synchronize with it).

So if  you're thinking of playing online for a cheaper cost, you know which one to pick.

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