Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lord of Arcana Demo version

Well if you wonder why I didn't post any new post lately, apologies 'cos I'm lazy nowdays playing with PSP. Well since Monster Hunter 3rd is coming soon, I just brush up my skills again in Unite. Anyway if you have a 6.20 Firmware, you would like to check this out. Since the retail game is coming near, you can have a look at the 'monster-hunter lookalike' version from Square. The demo version of Lord of Arcana with an updated mission.

Simply just download here and put it into PSP/GAME folder. Enjoy. In the meantime do donate a few cents to my PayPal if you are generous. Thank you.

-PS- Is my internet connection that makes my upload damn hard. If not I'd been posted out this post long long time ago.

**UPDATE** Download only available in a period of time since my easy-share is a free account. So hurry while stock last.

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