Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lost Planet 2 Played

Another game that keeps me busy for awhile is Lost Planet 2. Well at first when I try the game, I immediately put it aside, because is REALLY different from the first. No wonder Gamespot rate this game so low compare to the first. They try it for the first time and they give review, didn't go for a second try. So I give it a second chance. I do agree that the storyline/plot was kinda out of the sequel, but the real fun is the ONLINE that you can play with others.

I was playing the Xbox 360 version. So a Gold Membership is required. Imagine when you play Campaign mode, you can actually play with 3 other players via Xbox Live. If this isn't enough, you can go to compete with other players in Online mode. Beware that your line must have stable connection to play with others. If one of you has disconnected, the whole game will be interrupted. So if you're living in my country, good luck. Check this small video clips.

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