Thursday, September 2, 2010

PSP-3000 Bundle

If you haven't get yourself a PSP-3000, well let me show you some of the good deal of the 3000 series bundle as well as two new bundle coming up soon.

First one is this bundle. It only comes with a game but the price was good. Only USD199. Note that this is the normal yellow version of 3000 comes along with a game.

This bundle is for you if you want to have extra stuff. Box content includes the game itself and a 2GB memory stick. Pricing at USD240. The console itself is a limited edition.

This third bundle is for collectors. Cute monster hunting comes with the Japanese version of the game, limited edition of the console and a ticket to download a special theme. Is a little pricey since is a limited edition comes from Japan. USD300.

Well if all of the above is not your taste, then take this one. Is coming out real soon in this month. Comes with a limited edition console, Kingdom Hearts U.S. version UMD, 4GB memory stick as well coming along with a movie voucher to download/buy. Price TBA.

There you have it. Choose your bundle wisely.

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