Thursday, October 28, 2010

Psp 2000 white (mild condition) pandora-able for sale.

I got myself a psp for sale as mentioned above. Rarely use. Mint condition. Comes with the console,battery,pouch,charger. Memory stick excluded. Going off at Usd200. Best part of it is the pandora-able motherboard. Selling within 24hours. Shipping excluded. You can recommend me which is the cheapest method to send to your country.
Valid within 24hours only from 1100 hour (+GMT 8.00). You can confirm it by paying to my paypal account. Shipping payment I'll confirm to you how much later.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Front Mission Evolved played

Well is already stated here, Evolved. So how does it has evolve from all of their previous title of Front Mission? 

As we all know Front Mission is just like a tactical game (similar to Final Fantasy Tactics or SuperRobot Taisen series) but just a more complicated and longer time to deal with every stage. This Evolve has become a Mechwarrior (the PC game remember?)style and Front Mission combination. Result? A 3rd person mecha shooting game. No not Virtual On.

Story straight forward (I like that), keeps it pretty interesting though, but the gameplay is a little too short. I think they implemented for Online match (which I didn't try it out). So if you're a fan of Front Mission series, you will need to check this for Xbox 360 and PS3.

**PS** IMHO PS2 Front Mission 5 : Scars of the Wars is the best series among all the series. Solid storyline (though I didn't read Japanese), gameplay was good, cinematic animation with real voice-over (you can watch the replay after you'd completed the storymode) and last but not least, the tough battle between player and the Boss (a very very cool mecha). Too bad it only goes for Japanese market.

Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi Portable

Coming out in November 25th. Get your order here. In the meantime Tears to Tiara Gaiden Portable is coming out the month after. Get it here as well.

Synopsis (from Play-Asia) : Tears and Tiara is one of the games that excel both in the dating sim aspect and strategy battle mechanics. After all, all is fair in love and war.

This PSP version makes everything more challenging by including a Devil's Mode, so all of you who have once saved the land, try again to see if you can stand against these powered-up foes.

Very little about new additions to the Sony PSP™ port is known at the moment, but there should be quite a bit of CG and contents, as players are encouraged to install these into their memory sticks for quicker loading times and smoother viewing.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Castlevania : Lords of Shadow Game Demo

The game is out. I haven't brought it yet. So I try out the demo first. Is on XBox Live now. You can try it out. Or get your copy here for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

If you'd done with Birth by Sleep and you'd play before 358/2 days, you better check this out as well. Well seriously I can't even catch up this series. Milking all the way from PS2 to GBA then to PSP and NDS. Next series? Get ready for PS3 version. I bet you!

Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires Special Price

Special Promo Price. Only USD14.90. Open region. Grab it now. Promo price valid until 18th October or while stock last.

Ace Combat : Joint Assault played

Well I just done with this game. Worth playing it though is kinda hard at the end of the chapter which is the lass boss. One of the major improvement on this game is you get to play Ad-Hoc (with your friend up to 4 players) or Infrastructure Mode (using PSN to play with other people around the world up to 4 players) so you don't need to play solo. Get it here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

HOW TO : Get some discount on your item purchased under my link/page

DISCLAIMER : This method is solely my OWN idea and it has nothing to do with Play-Asia's policy.

If you'd read my header, I'm offering some discount for readers/visitors that purchase/buy item from my page. How you can get more discount from me?

1) Occasionally I may have a coupon or two from Play-Asia worth USD5, you may request to me via email or drop your comments. I would gladly give it to you.

2) If you'd purchase/buy item from my page, after confirmation I'll pay you little (depends on the item's value excluding shipping) discount/rebate/whatever you call it, into your personal account. Things that you need to have is Email account and PayPal account.

Now you might think this is unbelievable. You can have a try. This is some of the Q&A for you.

Q : Why is you're offering this?
A : As I told you before, I'm still new in WWW. Thus I would like to learn more and wanted to learn about Internet transaction via PayPal, as PayPal is the most accepted payment through the whole world. FYI, I'd been conned by Nigerian scam for almost USD500 and a Nintendo Wii (YES Nintendo Wii) from a forum that I join previous year. This is all my experiece for me to learn more how to protect myself as well.

Q : How are you going to give us rebate/discounts?
A : As I mentioned, I will give out the discount coupon (if I have any) to anyone. Besides that from the commission that I earned when you purchase your item/product from me, I'll PERSONALLY give it back to buyer ranging from 20%-30% of the total commision. Of course I'll post out the orders list and successful sales under my account. All you have to do is inform me via Email, send me your PayPal account and forward you invoice for the Proof of Purchase. Then only I'll do my part and give back the commision.

Q : How would I know if you're genuine?
A : As I told you before, this is my another attempt to do online transaction. You don't have to trust me, action speaks louder than words. You can visit forum, ask the moderator called Birdman or WNB, or you can search my past under Chat section then you will know if I'm a genuine guy.

Q : What if I buy something from your blog and you're not paying me back?
A : Now my account will have proof if there's any orders/sales on my link/page. If you really have brought something, Email to me and I'll get back to you ASAP. There would be reason if my refund/commision to your PayPal account is late. I am not ALWAYS online, I have my commitment, I need to be sure that the credit has pass ONLY I'll pay/refund to you, etc.

Q : Where's the link/page is the most accurate place to buy/order from your page?
A : Mostly my link is on the new posting, OR you can use the search box on the left if you couldn't find your item, OR you can Email to me so I can directly send you the link.

Q : Any consequence if I buy from you?
A : Well all the item/purchase/shipping is solely under Play-Asia. My job is when I receive my credit and I pay you back some of my commision. That's all. This is why this idea of mine is SOLELY not related to Play-Asia.

Q : When you will pay us back the commision/rebate?
A : After the sales credit of your item has reach my account, I'll try my best to send you back the money via PayPal. Remember the commision that I get is based on the value of the product, excluding shipping cost.

Other than that I think WE (yes YOU and ME) would have to try it out first. So Happy Shopping.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Playstation Move presale in Malaysia

If you're in my country,you'll see all the presales coming out mostly in major Sony's official centre. Is quite cheap compare you're buying the unit separately.

Here's the catch though. Limited unit available. When is going to sale? I'm not sure. If you're interested,you can email me and I can try to work it out.

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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Special Price

Special offer from Play-Asia. Is only USD20. Asia version English language. Only for PS3. So what are you waiting for? Get it NOW!!! Offer valid until 12th October 2010.

Makai Senki Disgaea 4

Sorry peeps. The Japs gets it first. Always. Need I say more? Get it here.  

Playstation Surround Sound System

I think this is my future investment on PS3 instead of Move. Surround sound system with only one unit. F**king cool. Get it here.

Nier Gestalt/Nier Replicant Original Soundtrack

One of my friend has come back from Japan. He went to Japan for Tokyo Game Show. I really envy him despite that the money that he need to spend on the items and accommodation, but for the sake of experience, I would also want. Anyhow this is the item that I'd ask him to buy for me.

That's right peeps. This soundtrack has been my favourite for now. If you'd play Nier Gestalt or Nier Replicant, you would NEVER (I mean NEVER) want to pass this soundtrack. The story was real good (F**k Gamespot review) and it was really dramatic and touching.

Just look at the content and the CD. OMG I just in love with the CD. Guess what? Even the booklet are been made from a special material (not those cheap paper). You really need to look at the real thing to appreciate.

The price is 2,800Yen. He brought for me from Square-Enix shop, where all the merchandise,toys,soundtrack,souvenir and everything that's related to Square-Enix products. On the walkway, Sephiroth is underneath when you walk along,sleeping just like he in the capsule before he is awake in Final Fantasy 7 (PS1). Half naked. OMFG...!

Now if you ask me if the Play-Asia's version would be the same as the one that I have, sorry I don't have an idea as well. I'm not sure if Hongkong will localise it and make it an original Asia version. Yea the music is the same but the content is different. Another extra thing that I have inside the CD is the memebership point card coupon. A serial number to claim some points if you're registered to Square-Enix's membership online.

This is a souvenir from him. Poka Poka Airu cellphone strap. Nice and cute.

Friday, October 8, 2010

My ps3 160GB white version

I wonder why I haven't open it up and try the unit or play it? I have Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy 7:Advent Children waiting for me.

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Half Minutes Hero 2

If I'm not mistaken this is a PSN download game. So if you're a fan of the previous game, get your PSN Network Card coupon ready. F**k my browser again! Can't update my previous post.

Nintendo DS Lite for USD162?

Do you still want a NDS Lite? Well how much? See for yourself. After conversion is almost approximately USD162 only.

DJ HERO 2 Demo Game

I'd download the demo. You know what? You need the turntable (including microphone if you want to sing along). So no luck for me, but you know when is coming out. So get your Party bundle for Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360 OR turntable bundle if you're playing single for Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360. Warning. You cannot play this game without the turntable unlike Guitar Hero.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Play-Asia Discount Coupon to giveaway (UPDATE)

Yeah I'm not buying anything currently so if you guys want it just feel free to drop a comment here. USD5 discount for the value above USD50. Valid until 23rd October. Drop me a line.

A guy has received my coupon. No more coupon to giveaway until I buy another item. Wait till he get ANOTHER surprise from me though.

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