Friday, October 15, 2010

Front Mission Evolved played

Well is already stated here, Evolved. So how does it has evolve from all of their previous title of Front Mission? 

As we all know Front Mission is just like a tactical game (similar to Final Fantasy Tactics or SuperRobot Taisen series) but just a more complicated and longer time to deal with every stage. This Evolve has become a Mechwarrior (the PC game remember?)style and Front Mission combination. Result? A 3rd person mecha shooting game. No not Virtual On.

Story straight forward (I like that), keeps it pretty interesting though, but the gameplay is a little too short. I think they implemented for Online match (which I didn't try it out). So if you're a fan of Front Mission series, you will need to check this for Xbox 360 and PS3.

**PS** IMHO PS2 Front Mission 5 : Scars of the Wars is the best series among all the series. Solid storyline (though I didn't read Japanese), gameplay was good, cinematic animation with real voice-over (you can watch the replay after you'd completed the storymode) and last but not least, the tough battle between player and the Boss (a very very cool mecha). Too bad it only goes for Japanese market.

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