Monday, October 11, 2010

HOW TO : Get some discount on your item purchased under my link/page

DISCLAIMER : This method is solely my OWN idea and it has nothing to do with Play-Asia's policy.

If you'd read my header, I'm offering some discount for readers/visitors that purchase/buy item from my page. How you can get more discount from me?

1) Occasionally I may have a coupon or two from Play-Asia worth USD5, you may request to me via email or drop your comments. I would gladly give it to you.

2) If you'd purchase/buy item from my page, after confirmation I'll pay you little (depends on the item's value excluding shipping) discount/rebate/whatever you call it, into your personal account. Things that you need to have is Email account and PayPal account.

Now you might think this is unbelievable. You can have a try. This is some of the Q&A for you.

Q : Why is you're offering this?
A : As I told you before, I'm still new in WWW. Thus I would like to learn more and wanted to learn about Internet transaction via PayPal, as PayPal is the most accepted payment through the whole world. FYI, I'd been conned by Nigerian scam for almost USD500 and a Nintendo Wii (YES Nintendo Wii) from a forum that I join previous year. This is all my experiece for me to learn more how to protect myself as well.

Q : How are you going to give us rebate/discounts?
A : As I mentioned, I will give out the discount coupon (if I have any) to anyone. Besides that from the commission that I earned when you purchase your item/product from me, I'll PERSONALLY give it back to buyer ranging from 20%-30% of the total commision. Of course I'll post out the orders list and successful sales under my account. All you have to do is inform me via Email, send me your PayPal account and forward you invoice for the Proof of Purchase. Then only I'll do my part and give back the commision.

Q : How would I know if you're genuine?
A : As I told you before, this is my another attempt to do online transaction. You don't have to trust me, action speaks louder than words. You can visit forum, ask the moderator called Birdman or WNB, or you can search my past under Chat section then you will know if I'm a genuine guy.

Q : What if I buy something from your blog and you're not paying me back?
A : Now my account will have proof if there's any orders/sales on my link/page. If you really have brought something, Email to me and I'll get back to you ASAP. There would be reason if my refund/commision to your PayPal account is late. I am not ALWAYS online, I have my commitment, I need to be sure that the credit has pass ONLY I'll pay/refund to you, etc.

Q : Where's the link/page is the most accurate place to buy/order from your page?
A : Mostly my link is on the new posting, OR you can use the search box on the left if you couldn't find your item, OR you can Email to me so I can directly send you the link.

Q : Any consequence if I buy from you?
A : Well all the item/purchase/shipping is solely under Play-Asia. My job is when I receive my credit and I pay you back some of my commision. That's all. This is why this idea of mine is SOLELY not related to Play-Asia.

Q : When you will pay us back the commision/rebate?
A : After the sales credit of your item has reach my account, I'll try my best to send you back the money via PayPal. Remember the commision that I get is based on the value of the product, excluding shipping cost.

Other than that I think WE (yes YOU and ME) would have to try it out first. So Happy Shopping.

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