Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nier Gestalt/Nier Replicant Original Soundtrack

One of my friend has come back from Japan. He went to Japan for Tokyo Game Show. I really envy him despite that the money that he need to spend on the items and accommodation, but for the sake of experience, I would also want. Anyhow this is the item that I'd ask him to buy for me.

That's right peeps. This soundtrack has been my favourite for now. If you'd play Nier Gestalt or Nier Replicant, you would NEVER (I mean NEVER) want to pass this soundtrack. The story was real good (F**k Gamespot review) and it was really dramatic and touching.

Just look at the content and the CD. OMG I just in love with the CD. Guess what? Even the booklet are been made from a special material (not those cheap paper). You really need to look at the real thing to appreciate.

The price is 2,800Yen. He brought for me from Square-Enix shop, where all the merchandise,toys,soundtrack,souvenir and everything that's related to Square-Enix products. On the walkway, Sephiroth is underneath when you walk along,sleeping just like he in the capsule before he is awake in Final Fantasy 7 (PS1). Half naked. OMFG...!

Now if you ask me if the Play-Asia's version would be the same as the one that I have, sorry I don't have an idea as well. I'm not sure if Hongkong will localise it and make it an original Asia version. Yea the music is the same but the content is different. Another extra thing that I have inside the CD is the memebership point card coupon. A serial number to claim some points if you're registered to Square-Enix's membership online.

This is a souvenir from him. Poka Poka Airu cellphone strap. Nice and cute.

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