Friday, December 3, 2010

Using FEDEX as shipping method via Play-Asia

My recent advance Christmas present was a Wii Classic Controller Pro (White) and Datel LAN Adapter just for the sake of Monster Hunter 3. With the recent Christmas coupon discount that I get via email, I'd try out to ship via FEDEX (I'm using free shipping usually, which would take about almost 7-14 days depends on your ordering date).

To my surprise that I just ordered it by yesterday and I get it already today (not even 24 hours to send it to my house). Well if you ask me is it worth? Well I would say YES!!!! With the tracking number provided you can be sure that your item is going somewhere, anywhere, informed. If you ship many item (2 item and above) with value over USD50 and above I would suggest that you fork out another USD15 more or less for the hyper-fast delivery.

On the other hand if you ship more item in the same package, the cost of delivery from FEDEX can be distribute to each of every item so that you won't feel the pinch of the delivery cost. Good Job Play-Asia!!!

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