Friday, March 18, 2011

Donations towards the Relief for Victims of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011

Gamers like me and you should really know what happen to Japan. So how are we going to contribute and help? Well there is. Support the game or make donation. Although I haven't donate anything (will do so when my PayPal is ready), but knowing that Play-Asia is doing the part of the donation is really a two thumbs up. Anyway you can check out the list of games and accessories here and do your part. The list is growing so do check it out often. You can request for the item that you want too.

Here's the link again.

Valkyria Chronicles III: Unrecorded Chronicles

If you'd play the first and second installment then you should be familiar with this third installment that's coming out soon (Japan version is already out). What I want to highlight is the extra mission.

If you had done with the main storyline of the game, you can go to Japanese PSN and download the extra 3 mission for a minimal fees. It is the sub-story about the main character. I'm not sure if U.S. version will come together with the package or not, but this is one of the game that you would not want to miss. Pre-order is available here.

Do check out my Youtube video for that 3 extra mission and the main game as well.

My recent update

This is the recent item that I purchase from Play-Asia. It was AWESOME. Big poster of your beloved Final Fantasy character in your room. But the real 'hot cake' was Tifa's poster. Just wondering why. If I got the chance then I'll buy that poster too.

In the meantime I was hooking myself up with this two game. Monster Hunter 3rd Portable and SD Gundam G Generation World . It will be a busy busy months for your spare time when this new installment of Super Robot Taisen comes out. Check your calender.

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