Monday, May 30, 2011

Bleach: Soul Ignition

In Japanese is called Soul Ignition. For N.A. version is called Soul Resurreccion. Anyway is a same game. Now I was trying to watch this anime, but I'm not sure when to start. To start from season 1 until now I'm sure I got alot to catch up. Anyway if you're a Bleach fan do pre-order your copy here for Japan or N.A. version. Check the video as well.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Street Fighter X Tekken (Update)

Let see. How many cross-title does Capcom has on their fighting game? We have SNK vs. Capcom previously, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom. Now Capcom is crossing their path in fighting series with Namco (well don't misunderstand with Namco X Capcom[spells as Cross]). This is another cross platform but not the fighting series, is a SLG type just like SuperRobot Taisen series.

This is why they call it Street Fighter X Capcom (is Cross ok?) for PS3 and Xbox360. Using the same engine from their previous best selling SF4 engine, this is a must-have for all you fighting fans out there.

These are some of the videos I got. Enjoy. Drop a line to discuss the rooster of the player available for this upcoming game.

Confirmed are :

From SF : Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Abel, Cammy, Sagat and Guile.

From Tekken : Kazuya, Nina, Bob, Marduk, Julia, Hwoarang and King.

If my listening in Japanese are quite ok, from the second video 0:22 Kazuya mentioned 'Can you hear me Jin?' Which means Jin Kazama is joining the rooster too. My assumption for the storyline would be after Tekken 6 tournament where 'somehow' Tekken people cross-path with SF guys.

My prediction of this game's available player : SF is Zangief, Mr. Bison (or Vega you call it in N.A), Crimsom Viper. And for the Tekken side is Steve, Law, Yoshimitsu and maybe Raven too.

Here's the opening soundtrack for your enjoyment too. Check this band out here.

UPDATE : Saw the female on the third video on 2:38? I guess is a Namco character. Not sure who.

This song is solely under Black Tide label. Book your pre-order for PS3 and Xbox360 as well.

P.S. - Did you know that there's another Cross-Platform called Namco X Street Fighter?

Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Masou Kishin - The Lord of Elemental

This is also one of my recently 'done' game for NDS. Is a remake from the original NES version. Well not bad I should say. Is really different from any other SuperRobot Taisen that you'd play before. Some claim it that this is one of the few 'gems' of SRT series. Is quite challenging as all the movement and attack depends on where you're facing (3D gameplay) and how much damage you make depends on which element you are. After playing this, you should have different approach in playing future/present SRT games. 4 ending in this game (I obtained the happy ending), with some familiar faces in Original SRT series, you should not miss this out. Get it here.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Wall Scroll Poster

This is the recent poster that I brought from Play-Asia. Glad I did buy because is out of stock AGAIN. Well haven't open it and have a look but I'm sure it is nice. Previous poster I brought is this.

Now they still have this...

and this...

And here's the fucking awesome part. They're coming out with this...

and this...

OMFG!!! What should I do? Secret character Vincent Valentine and Yuffie (She's so cool and cute) is here. Later I'm sure Red XIII, Barret and Cid will be out soon, maybe Kadajj and others as well. SquareEnix, why you want to do this....? ARHHH......I haven't clear my card yet....! DAMN YOU.

Games on Sales!!!

Limited offer or while stock last. HURRY!!!

Heads up guys

OK I 'hibernated' for quite some times without any updates on upcoming games and video on Youtube. So just want to shout out that I'm back ATM to kill my boredom. More videos coming up.

Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection

Now I haven't done with the NDS version of this remake and this PSP version is out. So unless I'm done with NDS version I will not play PSP version. I'd reach level 57 but still is kinda hard to play. Well is challenging but sometimes frustrated too. Anyway cut the crap.

I should say the story was good and suspense. Playing until the middle part on how they want to collect the crystal to defeat Baron while the little two mages, Bard and the Kungfu guy going down one by one is really touching. 

What so good about this PSP version? Well REMAKE of course and the best part is there's another side story after FFIV event that previously only on WiiWare. Now is COMPLETE under one UMD. The best part? IS FREAKING CHEAP!!! Selling only USD28.50 for this new game. Where can you find it? Of course only in Play-Asia! Secure your copy now.

**PS** Did I tell you that it comes with additional DLC coupon for DISSIDIA : DOUDECIM?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weekly Special Homefront from Play-Asia

Homefront PS3 (Asian Version English Language) for only USD22.90. Need I say more. While stock last. Get it here. Expired in less than a week or while stock last.

Dead Space 2 played

Managed to sneak one of my friend's new game on his 360 which is this. Played the first one, then comes with this sequel. What should I say? Not bad, new storyline, new weapon with some new monster (or necromorph), old upgrading weapon, armor system and puzzle solving. The only complain is still a short gameplay (well I thought 2 disc for Xbox360 will be a longer gameplay but hell no). Maybe that 2 disc is meant for online gameplay (which I didn't have a chance to try it since I need to return it back ASAP).

Overall if you like the first game, this sequel will not disappoint you. Place your order for Xbox360 and PS3. If you want the miniature plasma cutter, be sure to book your Limited Edition copy for Xbox360 and PS3 too.

**UPDATE** The Limited Edition for both console has run out of stock. If you don't mind the PC version though then click here.

Dark Souls

I'd downloaded the video but haven't had a chance to upload it since my friend has borrow my PSP. Will upload it once I got a hand on it.

When I saw this title comes out, I wonder what should I do with this game that I brought recently (didn't have the chance to play it too)? Is it related? Well according to my reading, some claims it is a sequel of the Demon's Soul, some claims it not. So how do you know it is or not?

Well Demon's Soul was created by collaboration between Form Software (brainchild for their famous Front Mission series) and Sony Computer Entertainment. Which is why this previous title was exclusive to PS3. Apparently Form Software has collaborate with Namco Bandai Games for this upcoming title, which is why it is open for Xbox 360 as well. So is it a sequel? You need to check it on your own.

Well good for you if you had play/finish up the first one. Pre-orders are coming up real soon for PS3 and Xbox360. As usual they have the Limited Edition for PS3 and Xbox360 as well, so if you're a collector do not miss out.

Now excuse me for awhile as I need my tarot card to read out if I want to play Demon's Soul or not? Here's is another Opening Video for this game, but can't embed over blogger. So just click here to check it out.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

My first reaction when I saw this game is going to come out soon is WTF? ANOTHER SF4 game with additional character? How bout the previous Super SF4 and SF4 game that I brought? Come on Capcom, I'm a fan of your Monster Hunter and Lost Planet series but LUCKILY I'm not into fighting game. But still it really frustrate others. Don't simply milk your series by adding a few character then another title come out with ANOTHER EXTRA character. So if I really wanted to buy this game, do I need to wait for......


Anyway here's the pre-order link for PS3 and Xbox 360 version for you.

**UPDATE** Apparently after watching the video you have the option to download the extra 4 character from your Super SF4 game and your previous copy can play online with this new copy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

Well you know is out. Those who has own this little portable machine I would like to congratulate you guys, because right now I don't have the intention to buy it FIRST. Why?

Simple. I'll wait till it comes out with the second revision (maybe a 3DS Lite?). I'm a late adopter in games so I'll just wait although there are some title that's tempting me right now which is Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and the upcoming The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time.

We know that it is region lock as well, SO WHICH REGION ARE YOU GOING TO BUY? ARHHH....! So here's the link for you if you feel the price is reasonable for the U.S. version of Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black together with Japanese Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black.

Will update you guys with some of the game that I'd done with.

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