Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dark Souls

I'd downloaded the video but haven't had a chance to upload it since my friend has borrow my PSP. Will upload it once I got a hand on it.

When I saw this title comes out, I wonder what should I do with this game that I brought recently (didn't have the chance to play it too)? Is it related? Well according to my reading, some claims it is a sequel of the Demon's Soul, some claims it not. So how do you know it is or not?

Well Demon's Soul was created by collaboration between Form Software (brainchild for their famous Front Mission series) and Sony Computer Entertainment. Which is why this previous title was exclusive to PS3. Apparently Form Software has collaborate with Namco Bandai Games for this upcoming title, which is why it is open for Xbox 360 as well. So is it a sequel? You need to check it on your own.

Well good for you if you had play/finish up the first one. Pre-orders are coming up real soon for PS3 and Xbox360. As usual they have the Limited Edition for PS3 and Xbox360 as well, so if you're a collector do not miss out.

Now excuse me for awhile as I need my tarot card to read out if I want to play Demon's Soul or not? Here's is another Opening Video for this game, but can't embed over blogger. So just click here to check it out.

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