Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dead Space 2 played

Managed to sneak one of my friend's new game on his 360 which is this. Played the first one, then comes with this sequel. What should I say? Not bad, new storyline, new weapon with some new monster (or necromorph), old upgrading weapon, armor system and puzzle solving. The only complain is still a short gameplay (well I thought 2 disc for Xbox360 will be a longer gameplay but hell no). Maybe that 2 disc is meant for online gameplay (which I didn't have a chance to try it since I need to return it back ASAP).

Overall if you like the first game, this sequel will not disappoint you. Place your order for Xbox360 and PS3. If you want the miniature plasma cutter, be sure to book your Limited Edition copy for Xbox360 and PS3 too.

**UPDATE** The Limited Edition for both console has run out of stock. If you don't mind the PC version though then click here.

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