Friday, May 27, 2011

Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection

Now I haven't done with the NDS version of this remake and this PSP version is out. So unless I'm done with NDS version I will not play PSP version. I'd reach level 57 but still is kinda hard to play. Well is challenging but sometimes frustrated too. Anyway cut the crap.

I should say the story was good and suspense. Playing until the middle part on how they want to collect the crystal to defeat Baron while the little two mages, Bard and the Kungfu guy going down one by one is really touching. 

What so good about this PSP version? Well REMAKE of course and the best part is there's another side story after FFIV event that previously only on WiiWare. Now is COMPLETE under one UMD. The best part? IS FREAKING CHEAP!!! Selling only USD28.50 for this new game. Where can you find it? Of course only in Play-Asia! Secure your copy now.

**PS** Did I tell you that it comes with additional DLC coupon for DISSIDIA : DOUDECIM?

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