Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

Well you know is out. Those who has own this little portable machine I would like to congratulate you guys, because right now I don't have the intention to buy it FIRST. Why?

Simple. I'll wait till it comes out with the second revision (maybe a 3DS Lite?). I'm a late adopter in games so I'll just wait although there are some title that's tempting me right now which is Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and the upcoming The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time.

We know that it is region lock as well, SO WHICH REGION ARE YOU GOING TO BUY? ARHHH....! So here's the link for you if you feel the price is reasonable for the U.S. version of Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black together with Japanese Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black.

Will update you guys with some of the game that I'd done with.

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