Thursday, May 26, 2011

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

My first reaction when I saw this game is going to come out soon is WTF? ANOTHER SF4 game with additional character? How bout the previous Super SF4 and SF4 game that I brought? Come on Capcom, I'm a fan of your Monster Hunter and Lost Planet series but LUCKILY I'm not into fighting game. But still it really frustrate others. Don't simply milk your series by adding a few character then another title come out with ANOTHER EXTRA character. So if I really wanted to buy this game, do I need to wait for......


Anyway here's the pre-order link for PS3 and Xbox 360 version for you.

**UPDATE** Apparently after watching the video you have the option to download the extra 4 character from your Super SF4 game and your previous copy can play online with this new copy.

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