Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finally... Alateon down on my MHP3rd

Few question for you :-

1) Are you a fanatic fan of Monster Hunter?
2) Do you bring along your PSP just for the sake of catching up 15 minutes of Monster Hunter?
3) Did you clock up a MINIMUM of 200 hour for Monster Hunter?

If all of the question above is a YES to you (and me), congratulation. You are certified a Monster Hunter fanatic like me. Well just defeated Alatreon (or Albatoreon in Japanese, which is WAY MORE COOL than English name). I defeated it on MHP3rd version, not the Wii version. You can read more on Alatreon from other page cos I'm not going to write out all the specs of her. In fact just want to share how I defeat that freaking hard monster (well not that hard actually just annoying).

At first few attempts I use Ancient Lance and Ancient SnS ( don't ask me where I found it, I'm sure you know) but found out that the Ancient Lance was too slow (but deal much damage) and Ancient SnS does more elemental than attack. So here it goes of what I use.

Jhen Mohran full upgrade SnS
Damasku set armor full upgrade gem with sharpness and lighting resistant.
20 MegaPotion, 4 Ancient Potion, 10 Meat and Fish(optional with Eggs), and all the basic stuff that you need to fight a monster. I miss out flash bomb and some of the seed (thunder, ice and fire seed).

I like to fight it fair and square, so sometimes is depends on your luck on how Alatreon reacts. No sleep bomb, no flash bomb. Read the moves and you can evade most of the attack and find your chance to slice her. I found out each of every opening, I can only deal 4 times of attacks (max is 8). Full chain of attacks can be performed when she's up on the air with her legs pointing on the ground.

First attempt is under 35 min. So hope can improve my time by under 30 minutes. All I can say is two thumbs up for this game. Of course there are guides and ways for you to defeat her even more effectively (from what I saw is Sleep bomb her), but I'll pass. As long you can defeat her that's all matters to me. I'm not in a competition on how fast you can kill her.

No N.A. version is released yet (I think is coming out only when they have 3rdG version for Japanese announced), so if you can't wait much longer get your PSP and PS3 version now. I'll be getting PS3 version soon (not yet pre-order) so I can fight with others worldwide. Hope my ISP will be stable all the time when I hunt.

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