Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tales of Xillia

Well is actually called 'Tales of X xillia' as is written in Japanese. Anyway so many 'Tales of...' series here, which is your preferable title? As we know Tales of Vesperia for PS3 never come out for N.America but fortunately Tales of Graces F is announced for U.S. version. BUT WHEN?

Nevermind. In the meantime check out this 3 videos. If you can't wait anymore you can pre-order now. This series is coming along with 2 type of special edition which is Kyun Character Pack (comes with calender and figurine) and Famitsu DX Pack (not sure what's inside). Best of all it is coming out with PS3 special edition too. Do not miss it. Pre-order your unit now.

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